Life after graduation

Three years ago I was a very recent graduate with little idea about what I wanted to do post collage. After being a student for 22 years of my life, on Desember 2014, I graduate from my collage in Institute of Risk Manajement and Insurance. I really confuse with the option to chose between the notion of doing what I loved or trying to make the highest salary posible. The problem was , I didn’t know what I loved. I hadn’t manage to consider how I would define success in the world . I had always challenge myself to relay my point of view and trying something.
And then on March 2015 I started working at Insurance Company entry-level job.At first, I planed to absord as much as the knowledge as well as experience from this company.I would try my best to do well within my given office setting, but nothing I tried held my fascination when I was off the clock. In my office hours I found my self returning to the same daily activity everyday. This is contrary with what I want.

My daily activity in my office be like worked non-stop around the clock. And the events after work or during lunch left, very little time for anything outside of work at all. Work was work . Show up, clock in. Don’t ask question. Do work. Get paid.Sometimes working weekends was the norm. And if you had work to do in the evening but had to go to a work event, you had to do both. Meaning, after the event you had to go back to the office to finish your work. And for what you have do to the company… the company only give regional minimum wage. I think this is not fair. I wanna cry a lot. I was exhauted. It was awfull.
Before making any decisions, I decided to ask my friends from the other company but same industry, if they were happy ? And I get conclution that there will be always dark side from all of all company. It’s called employee life. I think their not happy but they have to survive to get an income every month just like me.
From my very non-scientific research, I decided that this stress and workload was not short-term. So I decide to quit from this industry. 
I don’t regret my time working in insurance company because I never would’ve been so grateful for my job now. I’m truly enormously grateful for my job. In general, I’m not one to say “no regrets” in life – I have regrets (and that’s okay). But this job is not one of my regrets. I went to insurance collage , working in insurance industry and, I figured out that it wasn’t for me. but I’m glad I took the job. But, I’m also glad I quit.
A lot of people tell me that quitting was courageous, but I disagree – for me, quitting was the only option to pursue a happy life. And I’m so glad I’m happily pursuing a career as blogger, writer and online entrepreneur.