Life after graduation

Three years ago I was a very recent graduate with little idea about what I wanted to do post collage. After being a student for 22 years of my life, on Desember 2014, I graduate from my collage in Institute of Risk Manajement and Insurance. I really confuse with the option to chose between the notion of doing what I loved or trying to make the highest salary posible. The problem was , I didn’t know what I loved. I hadn’t manage to consider how I would define success in the world . I had always challenge myself to relay my point of view and trying something.
And then on March 2015 I started working at Insurance Company entry-level job.At first, I planed to absord as much as the knowledge as well as experience from this company.I would try my best to do well within my given office setting, but nothing I tried held my fascination when I was off the clock. In my office hours I found my self returning to the same daily activity everyday. This is contrary with what I want.

My daily activity in my office be like worked non-stop around the clock. And the events after work or during lunch left, very little time for anything outside of work at all. Work was work . Show up, clock in. Don’t ask question. Do work. Get paid.
Before making any decisions, I decided to ask my friends from the other company but same industry, if they were happy ? And I get conclution that there will be always dark side from all of all company. It’s called employee life. I think their not happy but they have to survive to get an income every month just like me.
From my very non-scientific research, I decided that this stress and workload was not short-term. So I decide to quit from this industry. 
I don’t regret my time working in insurance company because I never would’ve been so grateful for my job now. I’m truly enormously grateful for my job. In general, I’m not one to say “no regrets” in life – I have regrets (and that’s okay). But this job is not one of my regrets. I went to insurance collage , working in insurance industry and, I figured out that it wasn’t for me. but I’m glad I took the job. But, I’m also glad I quit.
A lot of people tell me that quitting was courageous, but I disagree – for me, quitting was the only option to pursue a happy life.


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